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Nathan Young

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I’m working on:


Project name

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Forecasting group chat


A better collaborative discussion about forecasting.Forecasting group chat and a prototype question generation site.

Approval voting in the UK


Worm Wars


Trying to understand the Worm Wars, a disagreement in global health philanthropy about the effectiveness of deworming. Worm Wars discussion doc

Forecasting Question Generation



Effective altruism introduction summary


Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Metaculus forecasting tools and feature suggestions

Metaculus Forecasting Tools

My novella


Very rough draft. Happy to hear comments Second Chances

Write articles on different methods of improving institutions in the UK

Good Policy Ideas subreddit

Election Tech Handbook

EA Job Hunting Discord

Workflow tools upvoting board

Intervention ranking


Alpha version of tool to rank different inventions using squiggle modelsEA criticism contest intervenions EV ranking


Request a full CV here (WhatsApp, or @NathanpmYoung)

Director - Forecasting Question Generation Platform

Head of Forecasting - Zeitgeist                                                 

Funding Delivery Manager - Freeports, UK Civil Service

Company Director and Consultant

Project, Community Management — Turing-RSS Joint Lab

Project, Founder and Director — The Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Project, Project Management
 — Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Residential Fellow — Newspeak House

Always happy to chat, get in touch at or @NathanpmYoung

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[1] I prefer to think about outcomes rather than projects, but it’s a harder word to understand